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I had pain in my shoulder for almost a year before it got so bad that I decided to have Dr. Ward look at it.  As it turns out I had a tear near my rotator cuff.  After an MRI was done, Dr. Ward consulted with one of his colleagues and they decided therapy would be best.  Several weeks later my shoulder is pain free and in good working condition.  Thanks to Dr. Ward's sense of humor and his personality, I looked forward to my visits.  He has a great team and I would recommend them to everyone I know.  

Sharon B., Painesville, OH

We have been privileged to not only receive exceptional care and adjustments, but consider Dr. Ward a friend.  Excellent bedside manner, making you feel comfortable, along with information to help us in after care.  For the six years we have received his treatment, we highly recommend this practice to anyone wanting this service.

Dale & Gloria A., Chardon, OH

Hi.  My name is Clare.  I have been seeing chiropractors consistently over the past 20 years.  At first it was due to an accident I was involved in.  Then it turned into a maintenance program.  I have lived in the Painesville/Mentor area for the past 6 years.  I have been seeing Dr. Ward for most of that time.  On my first visit, he took my history, looked over my prior chiropractic records, took x-rays and arrange a comprehensive program tailored to my individual needs.  Since my first visit, I have been seeing Dr. Ward for monthly maintenance.  However, in January 2008, I was involved in an auto accident and my first visit to any doctor was to Dr. Ward.  He immediately examined me, told me his diagnosis and developed a recovery program that was truly beneficial for me and to ensure my proper pe accident status.  The recovery program also incorporated a program called Synergy which was vey helpful in my recovery.  In my opion, Chiropractic is an amazing practice.  It is not only for your back, but for your entire body.  The correct adjustments can help relieve you of headaches and restless nights.  When your bones are not algned properly, you don't feel your best.  Dr. Ward and his office staff are the most amazing people.  They are always very helpful, very understanding and perform a terrific service.

Clare B., Painesville, OH

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